I needed a second Half Helmet Headset for a scheduled ride. Thanks to Tom in the Parts Department, I found what I needed and I was able to use the headset the very next day to communicate with my passenger on a ride to Gettysburg, PA. No Complaints here. Thanks!!

John Dever

Something happened on Saturday while I was at Grove's Winchester Harley-Davidson that I can't let go by without mentioning it and it being recognized.

It's the small gesture that good people make that can have an enormous affect on someone.

I was in the Accessories/Motor Clothes Department and I wanted to purchase a Bell (ward of the road gremlins) for my bike since I was going to Battlefield HD in Gettysburg, PA on Sunday for the Blessing of the Bikes. I already had a bell on my bike that I purchased myself a couple years ago but I wanted a bell with the religious cross. Kim and Kathleen promptly reminded me that one who purchases a bell for themselves only receives half the protection believed to be granted to the rider and the bike. They both further stated that someone is supposed to purchase the bell for you to double the protection. I ride solo so, that doesn't happen.

When I was ready to pay for the bell I was totally taken by surprise when Kim and Kathleen purchased the bell for me with their own money. Needless to say, I was speechless and admittedly, I had a lump in my throat. The gesture, though it may seem small to some deserves mentioning. It is no small thing to me.

Kim and Kathleen demonstrated that "At Harley-Davidson where Customers are Family" they're not just words. they proved it.

With Warm Regards
John Dever

P.S., My bike did get Blessed but it meant something a little more special this year. Thank You!

I brought my 2005 Harley-Davidson XL1200C to the Grove's Winchester Harley-Davidson Service Department in June of 2014 with some basic ideas of what I wanted to do to customize it. As a long haul trucker I was not able to be hands-on during the customization process of my motorcycle but he staff in teh Service Department was patient and very helpful in making my dream bike a reality. I have invested over $7000.00 dollars into what some may say is just a sportster, but it is my Sportster and more so now then ever before. I can't thank Jeff, Wheeler, Donna, Russell, Chris, Jack, Wes or Raymond enough for their input and help. Grove's Winchester Harley-Davidson would not be half the dealership without those Service Department employees. They listen and take care of their customers with a personal interest and put out more effort in doing a good job then any other dealership I have been to.

In the time I have spend at your dealership I have had the opportunity to speak with some of your customer and they have told me how close they live to other dealerships and how they will only come to Winchester Harley-Davidson because of your Service Department. Many of them depend on your Service Department because they can not afford to purchase a brand new Harley-Davidson and the staff there understand and are dedicated to keeping all your customers on the road safely without squeezing every dime out of them. Your Service Department is a big part of why many riders keep returning to your dealership. Even the ones that purchase their bikes elsewhere will only come to the Service Department at Grove's.

Russell C McCoy

The service was great,it was a bad tire,not wheel bearings. the service manager and the mechanic were really helpful. They didn't make feel like a fool for miss diagnosing problem as a bearing instead of a worn out tire. Thank you very much. I highly recommend your service department, I also appreciate the whole Dealership, when I come in the are so friendly actually acknowledge me by name and so helpful in helping me get what I need.

James Lipscomb

I have not spoke to you in quite a while. I was working in VA as a Classified Contractor after leaving Florida as a Homicide Detective. I'm good friends with Trooper Ken Houtz. Now I'm back in Florida full time.
Anyway I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job Jeff, Wheeler, Donna and the Service Tech did for me. I have three H-D's. I was riding my 2010 CVO Ultra up the Blue Ridge Pky to meet friends in Leesburg and start a ride of Old Route 66. My CVO had just got a ECM Update Download in Orlando. It was awful! I could hardly ride the bike at slow and moderate speeds. Severe surging and rough running. Fuel economy as low as 10 MPG when riding slow.
Well your Service Dept. Was slammed and had no appointments for over a month. I left the bike and they squeezed it in since I was traveling, away from home.
They did a fantastic job and got the bike running better than it has in the four years of ownership. Now I love the bike. They got it done in time for me to head to Chicago and start the Route 66 Ride with my friends. Great job and I was extremely impressed. Thank You for hiring and training such a great staff. Excellence and customer service is always from the top down.

Nick Leischen

It is always such a pleasure to purchase items at Winchester Harley-Davidson especially when Debbie is helping you; she is knowledgeable, personable, polite, and most of all very customer-centric.

Ken J.

I really appreciate your business! Ralph and Lanita did the magic. I was shopping at Witt's and Patriot first and tuned around from them. I was just so pleased with your folks. That's the way business should be!

Thank you all!


I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how much I appreciate how two of your service staff treated me. The two I'm speaking of are Jeff Gochenour and Donna Whestphalen. I called two weeks ago and got no answer due to the onslaught of people from the State HOG Rally on your place. I sent them both an e-mail message with a copy to you both on 6/27. Donna called me by phone later that same day to see what I needed and how she could help. She said the shop was booked solid until the 18th of July, but if I could come in on Saturday, they could do the work then on a first come first serve basis. I informed her I was going out of town for the 4th holiday weekend and was planning to go out of town for 10 days on the motorcycle starting on the 11th. She said she needed to speak with Jeff and call me back. She called me back about 5 minutes later and told me that Jeff told her if I could bring it in and leave it, he would see if he could work it in before the 11th. I dropped it off on the 30th (Mon.) and got a call from Donna on the afternoon of the 3rd saying it was ready to be picked up. You folks have always been very accommodating to me any time I've called/visited you.

On another note it is very nice, comforting, mind easing, warm each time I come into service and Jeff says hello to me using my name. I don't know how he's able to remember my name, only seeing me a few times a year. He should be commended for this and I hope he's able to instill this on his other service staff as well. I did notice when I came in this morning to pick up my scooter, Justin greeted me by name while he was dealing with another customer. Maybe Jeff is asking his staff to as he does greeting customers.

This type of service is the reason I drive over an hour each way to have service work done. I also pass two other H-D Dealers on my way to yours because of the way I'm respected and treated each time I come in.

I thank you for being the best H-D Dealer I know.

Tom Kalio

I was recently on my annual motorcycle trip ( i live in AZ ) and this year we decided to ride the New England and Canada. Well the rains came and seemed to have not left. I had purchased rain gear about a year ago and it totally broke down, it was horrible how wet i was getting. We stopped in the store and Katie and Kathleen Bomze were awesome. I was planning to just throw the gear away and they went the extra mile to help me determine the gear was actually under warranty and they got me totally sorted for the rest of the trip by getting me into new gear. Both of these ladies were just awesome and a joy to met. As a traveler through the area, i could not have been treated any better. Please tell them job well done


To start the entire team at Groves from the sales team to Parts and service to the accessories counter and then the finance team were all wonderful. They were all professional and very knowledgeable in the department they were working. Not only are they all professional but they are very personable which made for a very pleasant experience. Ralph was our salesman and I would recommend him to everyone. Although we had Ralph all the other salesmen were just as friendly. I would and will make Groves my Harley dealer of choice.


Want to wish everyone at Grove a wonderful Holiday Season. I've had many pleasant hours window shopping when I lived in MD, VA, and PA. Since moving to OR, I've encountered one dealership in my area that comes close to Groves and the people who work there.


I always enjoy riding out to Groves as the people there are great. Joey recently spent a lot of time to help me select all the right parts to customize my RK and then coordinated with service for the install. Thanks for all the help!


In late September-early october, I brought my '06 ElectraGlide in for service in preparation for a trip to Mississippi. The shop was pretty booked up with other customers but Jeff, Donna, Justin and the service crew made sure that my ride was serviced and checked out in time for the trip. I have been a customer of Grove's for almost 30 years (since my first Harley-Davidson) and this kind of effort and attention is what has kept me coming back. I am treated like family and that is greatly appreciated.


Outstanding service. Delivered on early and at the quoted estimate. Offered to assist in loading and unloading when I arrived. Allowed me to drop off extremely early and I was able to leave my trailer there.


Very pleased with my last service appointment. I had a drain plug issue that was taken care of without having to tear-down the m/c to get to the stripped plug out. Very courteous and friendly staff...all the way around